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QINGDAO HONGJIYE MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a high-tech stock company, dealing with macromolecule materials and research and development of new materials. The main products of our company include to steel pipe soaking production line, plastic fiber coating pipe production line, medical infuses pipe machine, Plastic glazed tile production line. Thermal plasticization polymer package insulation steel bar production method and machine, medical blood transfusion bag machine, PE,PP,PPR,PPB gas and water supply pipe production line, U-PVC,C-PVC pipe production line, silicon core pipes production line, plastic cover aluminum, steel, and copper pipe production line, PVC pipe production for coal mine gas and water supply &drainage, HDPE silicon core pipe production line, HDPE carbon spiral pipe production line, PVC, PE, and PP corrugated pipe production line, single and double oriented plastic geo-grid production line, plastic lumber production line, PVC, PP,XPS and PE sheet and plate production line. These products made of the above materials can be used in many fields, such as city infrastructure, water supply and drainage in buildings, telecom infrastructure, package, gas transportation, agriculture, and etc. Our company has many topping technical professionals, and we also have established stable relationship with several colleges to cooperate in research and development of new materials, so we can supply the most competing technology and facilities with the newest technological achievements in shortest time and bring our customers the greatest benefit. 

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